About Us

Cardinal Point Revenue Services is the brainchild of two industry insiders with one simple mission: Find every dollar your property can potentially earn.

Our system is the one solution you need to increase revenues across your portfolio.

From total strategy overhauls to microsolutioning a best performing asset, Cardinal Point can help you achieve your revenue goals.

We all know how challenging it can be to achieve fair share in the market, it is the universal struggle of the industry.

But why?

Realizing this, Cardinal Point has set out to answer this question and provide you with the solution.

Our proprietary system, developed in house, provides in depth reporting and access to the best minds in the industry. Our easily implemented system and strategies will help you realize increased revenues and market share…FAST!

Meet your new partners

Beth Wakefield, a legend in the Central Pennsylvania market, was a selling machine before realizing her knack for larger scale strategy. After becoming a revenue manager, Beth spent her time mastering hotel brand systems, learning crucial markets, and creating relationships to help optimize the revenues at her hotels. As markets change and economic conditions shift, Beth easily adapts and suggests new and creative ideas to shift market share. Remembering her roots, Beth uses her wisdom of group booking patterns and negotiating tactics to guide properties in the right direction.

May 31, 2018

Beth is truly a joy to work with and takes the times to get to know the key department heads within the property. She makes sure that all opinions and suggestions are heard, that everyone feels involved in the process, and that a perfect plan is put in place. When inheriting a new hotel or market, she ensures that she is knowledgeable of the competitive set and market demand generators so that she can make educated decisions for the hotel, while also being creative in her ideas and strategies. Beth does an excellent job of taking all information she gathers and utilizes it to increase RevPar indexes in effort to maximize profitability and help drive GOP. Beth is always helpful and quick to follow up! I love working with her and I know that you will as well!


May 31, 2018

I loved working with Beth to maximize revenue at our hotel. She has an open mind, understands the challenges of the operational side of the business, and she encouraged our team to participate in the strategic process. Beth is not afraid to reach out to the brand or her industry contacts to find answers to difficult questions. She gets excited when she learns new things and her excitement is infectious!

Chris Snyder, beginning as a night auditor quickly launched his career in to high gear and became one of the youngest General Managers on the east coast. Of course, he did not stop there. Finally realized, Chris’ passion for revenue management flourished, always looking for ways to beat the hotel’s budget goals. After being awarded the position of General Manager for several hotels, he began a comprehensive study in Hilton, Marriott, IHG and Choice revenue management systems. Chris focused his efforts on strategies to outwit the competition and drive results for his portfolio.

Having mastered the systems Chris decided that it was time to build a team of revenue managers and service a portfolio of hotels for a top 10 hotel company. While overseeing a portfolio of over 70 hotels his team of 8 revenue managers, support staff, and tour and travel specialists laid the base business for varying markets and realized the largest market share increase in company history.

June 6, 2018

When it comes to knowing market demand and how to get creative, Chris is the guy you want to have on your team.  Revenue management is what he lives for!


Beth and Chris have been working together for over 4 years developing easy to read reporting methods utilizing brand systems for properties, creating high level strategy plans, and creating relationships to support hotels in maximizing revenue.

The two of these revenue management professionals make up a self-proclaimed A Team of strategy and system knowledge.